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What Factors Can Affect the Life of the Acrylic Box?

Acrylic box is a box made of acrylic material. Its material is crystal clear and is often sought after in our lives. The transparent acrylic box is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very decorative. It is often used on various shelves. No matter what material a box is made of, there are many factors that affect its service life. Maolin acrylic products manufacturers introduce to you what factors will affect the use of acrylic boxes and make their acrylic boxes last longer. For more acrylic products wholesale at bulk prices.

1. The production material affects the service life of the acrylic box

Acrylic products processed by acrylic products will turn yellow and remain unchanged after 2-3 years of use, while imported acrylic products can be used for 10 years as long as they are properly maintained. Therefore, the quality of the material will also affect the service life of the acrylic product. The better the material, the longer the lifespan of the clear acrylic box. We offer different types of acrylic boxes wholesale, such as ose boxes wholesale, ring acrylic box and acrylic display china.

2. Environmental factors affect the service life of acrylic boxes

The acrylic boxes bulk also has certain requirements for the use environment, and the sun and rain will also shorten its service life. When the temperature reaches 96°C, the acrylic will undergo thermal deformation, and when the temperature is lower than 9.2°C, it is easy to become brittle. Therefore, acrylic products should not be placed in harsh environments, but should be placed in places with suitable temperature and environment.

3. The way of use affects the service life of the acrylic box

If the product placed on the acrylic box exceeds its carrying capacity, the acrylic box will be damaged due to overloading. Therefore, improper use can seriously shorten the service life and greatly increase the loss of the acrylic box. We should use it correctly in the prescribed way. Acrylic boxes have gradually replaced boxes of other materials and are loved by consumers. Mucky believes that in the future, acrylic boxes will develop faster and better!

The acrylic box can shine like new during long-term use, and the acrylic box can hold beautiful roses as a complete gift box. Retailers can place their promotional products, such as limited-edition shoes, at the front of the store as a creative hub. Great for everyday bouquets or big events. Acrylic boxes can also be used as storage boxes to store items without obstructing the view. Welcome to order our Mucky acrylic products online!

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