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How much do you know about acrylic fish tank?

In the fish tank market, the grade of acrylic fish tank is relatively high, its light transmission is very good, transparency is also very strong, has been "plastic crystal" reputation, in the market is widely welcomed, because its material is very special, its plasticity is great, according to the specific needs of different shapes, its scope of application Very wide.

1.Acrylic fish tank can be made into a variety of shapes and products needed

Another sheet of a wide variety of colors (including translucent color plate), acrylic is another feature of the thick plate can still maintain high transparency. Acrylic fish tank weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance performance is good. Panel coated with high concentration of ultraviolet absorbers, metal base spraying imported automotive paint, can be long-lasting, never fade, the use of up to 5 ~ 8 years. Acrylic fish tank a high-grade aquarium products. Acrylic has a high transparency, light transmission rate of 92%, with "plastic crystal" reputation. And has excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor applications, ranking the top of other plastics, and both good surface hardness and gloss, processing plasticity.

In the home environment or office environment in the placement of fish tank in a way can enrich people's lives, in different background environments placed in different custom acrylic fish tanks can show different styles, different kinds of fish tank to bring us the feeling is very different. Fish tank is not only a home for the fish, but also a common life enjoyment for the family. The flawless acrylic fish tank not only creates a warm home for the fish, but also ensures the safety of the overall living environment. Fish tank is an essential piece of home feng shui, is the perfect combination with the space, is the soul of home, office, commercial space Zen master.

In the choice of fish tank, you can choose according to the specific needs, acrylic fish tank of many kinds, the choice of color surface is also very large, the shape is also a variety of shapes, if you choose a different fish tank, it ornamental effect is also very different, so in the selection of the time to pay great attention. These technical factors include water filtration equipment, pump performance, thermostat performance and lighting equipment, although these are small things, but the impact on the fish tank is also very far-reaching. In the fish tank inside the need to equip fish vascular system, it has a great impact on the ornamental effect of the fish tank. For more custom acrylic fish tank for sale at bulk price, inquiry now.

2.The maintenance of acrylic fish tank and maintenance

To maintain the long-term life of the fish tank, it is necessary to clean and maintain the fish tank, so as to maintain the beauty of the fish tank. Acrylic fish tank filtration and installation performance are very good, in the cleaning time is very convenient. In the cleaning time is mainly to deal with large particles of solid residue, be careful not to dirty the filter cotton. You can wax the outside of the fish tank, so as to achieve its maintenance, you can use a soft cloth to "wipe" its surface, so that its surface can maintain a bright and shiny state, you can use a chicken feather duster or water to clean the surface of the fish tank dust. It has a long life cycle, under normal circumstances to maintain about 15 years is no problem, it is very popular in the market. It is necessary to understand the knowledge about acrylic fish tank, and pay attention to some matters when placing it, the height of placement should not be too high to avoid danger.

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