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Common Process of the Acrylic Box Packaging

Many customers will worry about the packaging of acrylic boxes. Because of express delivery or long-distance transportation, customers will worry that the product will be damaged or broken in the process. If you want to get perfect products, then you need a professional acrylic box processing factory to provide the packaging solution. The common acrylic boxes bulk packaging process from acrylic products manufacturer is as follows:

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1. Pay attention to safety when acrylic box products are transported in the workshop, and do not collide and dump during the handling process.

2. After the general acrylic box is finished, it needs to scrape the edges, so as to prevent the guests from scratching their hands during use, cause safety is very important. From the scraping corner, scrape the edges back and forth, so that the product does not scrape the hands, pay attention to the inclination of the blade, do not scrape product.

3. Clean appearance: no dust, foreign matter, residual polishing wax, confirm that the appearance is not scratched, all products can not be cleaned with washing water and alcohol after burning, the acrylic box case after screen printing, the screen printing place can not be contacted with chemicals.

4. Burning out: When burning out, pull fast to prevent burns, and the tip of the gun is diagonally facing the product surface. When burning out from left to right, it should be comprehensive and cannot be missed. After burning one end, let it cool down before burning the other end. , to be comprehensive.

5. Labeling: The outer box label is pasted according to the product requirements to confirm that there are no omissions.

6. Put the accessories: Place the accessories inside as required.

7. Wrap: Fully wrap the acrylic box case with stretch wrap.

8. Packing material: Place the polyron and acrylic box in order.

9. Sealing: Choose an outer box with a suitable size according to the size of the acrylic box. Seal the top and bottom with an I-shaped tape for 3 times. The length of the tape at both ends is 8-15C. If it is automatically packed, put it into the packing machine with the bottom facing up.

10. Place the sealed carton on the cardboard as required.

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