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What Are the Advantages of a Large Acrylic Fish Tank?

The large acrylic fish tank is a high-end aquarium product. The tank body is transparent and seamless, which is more beautiful and safe than ordinary glass fish tanks. The acrylic fish tank has good gloss and thick walls, but the light transmission is still very good, and people can clearly see the fish and rockery inside. Maolin has custom selections of custom acrylic fish tank for sale, RFQ!

Ⅰ. The advantages of large acrylic fish tank

1. The acrylic fish tank has good temperature resistance, super good acid and alkali resistance, and is not prone to corrosion.

2. The insulation of the acrylic fish tank is very good, and generally there will be no safety problems during use.

3. The transparency of the acrylic fish tank is very high, and the light transmission is very good, which can reach 92% or above, so it does not need too much lighting and saves electricity.

4. The wall of the large acrylic fish tank is very thick and has strong impact resistance, which is 16 times that of ordinary glass, so it is not easy to break, burst and other safety accidents.

5. The acrylic fish tank has a long lifespan. Compared with fish tanks made of other materials, the lifespan is more than three years longer.

Ⅱ. Installation of large acrylic fish tank

1. According to the design of the custom acrylic fish tanks, the acrylic plate can be hot-bent, and after splicing, it will be waterproofed with reinforced concrete and steel structures, and then structurally installed with silicone structural glue.

2. Concrete and steel structure notches generally adopt U-shaped/L-shaped notches, and insert the acrylic sheet into 10-50cm (it is necessary to calculate the thickness of the sheet and the depth of inserting the acrylic sheet according to the size of the on-site water volume and the water level line of the fish tank).

3. The notch is sealed with waterproof and silicone structural glue, which can prevent the water in the tank from leaking, and fix the large acrylic fish tank in the concrete or steel structure. And keep a good elastic space at the seal.

4. The height of the reinforced concrete or steel structure and the thickness of the wall must be designed according to the site engineering construction standards. The exterior is decorated with various stone and wood materials to achieve the overall beauty of the fish tank.

5. The fixing method of the acrylic cylinder generally adopts frame fixing or three-sided fixing, which is completed according to the design.

6. The following problems must be paid attention to: the construction of the notch must be carried out in strict accordance with the installation method of the acrylic plate, and the surface of the reinforced concrete cannot be smoothed with cement, which will have a negative effect on the waterproof of the fish tank.

7. The reinforced concrete or steel structure shall be waterproofed with glass fiber cloth, epoxy resin and other waterproof materials shall be treated with three cloths and five coats.

8. Minor and important details that must be paid attention to: ensure that all parts of the fish tank that are in contact with the water are covered with epoxy resin and glass fiber cloth, without any dead corners, especially the corners that must be waterproofed.

Ⅲ. The advantages of acrylic fish tanks over ordinary fish tanks

First of all, acrylic, also known as specially treated plexiglass, is an upgraded product of plexiglass. After fine polishing for acrylic wholesale products, the acrylic fish tank has excellent transparency and pure whiteness, and the light transmittance is over 92%. The aquarium tank made of acrylic has Excellent weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance, can be used with peace of mind whether it is indoor or outdoor, high hardness, the average Darlow hardness value is about 89 degrees, strong impact resistance, 16 times that of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in special safe place. Secondly, the traditional fish tank is made of ordinary glass, which is more suitable for the production of small fish tanks, just like cartoon cute fish tanks placed on the table, but it is not suitable for occasions such as some large shopping malls, hotels, high-end clubs, etc., because the traditional fish tank has low pressure resistance and is fragile, which is one of the biggest weaknesses.

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