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Acrylic Application in Lighting

Acrylic material has earned its popularity in lighting market in recent years. More and more designers try to design different lighting shapes using acrylic as the main material. There are several reasons that custom acrylic products become a new fashion material that designers want to apply them in interior or outdoor lightings. 

Color lasting

The acrylic color stays long. The acrylic color can hold up to 5~8 years without color fading effect. 


Imported acrylic material like clear acrylic lucite furniture has high light transparency rate up to 93%. Acrylic is widely used in storefront signboard lighting as advertisement. The light is bright with tenderness in daytime and nighttime. 

Built-in light source

Acrylic light has no external connection lines that solves the problems of easily short circuit. It has good leakproofness feature that enables the acrylic light to be used in rainy and snowy weather.

Applied physics

Acrylic material has temperature resistance high up to 70 Centigrade and low down to -50 Centigrade.

Various transformed shapes

As acrylic can undergo hot bent process, with handmade production on mould or through mould injection, acrylic material can be transformed into various shapes. The designers can use this feature to apply their creative ideas into practical usages. 

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