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New Types of Acrylic Desk and Chair Make the Home More Colorful

In the past, solid wood was generally used as the material of the table in the home. Because solid wood is very strong in the eyes of the older generation, it is a very traditional material. However, after the introduction of glass, the material was changed to glass because it was easy to take care of. Although the glass is very good, if it is to be made into a tabletop, it needs a certain thickness, so it will be very heavy. And the glass itself does not have a special color, so it can only be set off by other colors. Therefore, we have updated the material of the table and introduced a new material-acrylic. Acrylic tables and chairs are an upgraded version of the material, commonly known as plexiglass.

1. Lucite table and chairs have very high strength

Compared with glass, lucite table and chairs have a lighter weight, but they reach the strength of glass. Therefore, the cost is greatly reduced. And when we put dishes, just like glass, we don’t have to worry too much about cracks or breakages on the surface caused by the heat of ordinary dishes. But at a certain temperature, it is still recommended to put on a mat. In addition, the acrylic desk and chair can be infused with various colors when they are manufactured, and then integrated and processed to become colorful acrylic. Do not need too much decoration, simple and simple acrylic table can also become a fashionable home decoration.

2. Lucite table and chairs are easier to take care of

Solid wood tables and chairs are more likely to leave scars, but acrylic tables and chairs only need to be wiped lightly to clean the tabletop. They do not need to be maintained like wooden tables. Therefore, in terms of price, the price of plexiglass tables and chairs is more suitable. And acrylic is cheaper than glass, lighter, more beautiful in color, and more selective. It has also become a desktop material that young people like very much now.

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