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"little Secret" of Long Service Life of Acrylic Box

Because it has good sealing performance, The highly transparent acrylic boxes bulk will reflect luster under sunlight or light, and it can also store some items, such as cosmetics, jewelry and other items, and because acrylic is a relatively environmentally friendly new material, so It can also be used to store food or as a snack box, which is very convenient and practical. For more acrylic wholesale products at wholesale price.

1. The method of processing exquisite acrylic box

First of all, we need to cut, and the raw material we use is high-quality acrylic sheet, and then we cut it according to the appropriate size. It is also possible to customize the color of the sheet according to the needs of customers when selecting the sheet in the early stage.

Secondly, the acrylic box needs to be polished, because the cut acrylic sheet will be rough and opaque, giving people a feeling that the appearance is not beautiful enough, so it needs to be polished and polished to achieve high transparent effect.

The last step is bonding, because the two processes we mentioned earlier are only for simple plates, but the processing of acrylic boxes requires surface bonding, and this bonding is that we need to stick glue on the contact between the face and the face, and then leave it for a period of time and let it dry completely, the acrylic can dissolve together well, so that the processed acrylic box will be more durable. Coupled with a special cover, a beautiful acrylic box is complete.

2. Tips for prolonging the service life of acrylic boxes

We can offer wholesale acrylic box for flowers, clear ring box and acrylic display china at bulk competitive prices. The following are some tips for prolonging service life of acrylic boxes.

(1) The temperature of the acrylic box should not exceed 70 degrees when it is used continuously, so as to avoid the deformation of the acrylic due to high temperature.

(2) Care should be taken to avoid surface scratches when using or processing the acrylic box. The hardness of the surface of the acrylic box is equivalent to that of aluminum, and scratches are easy to appear. If it is scratched, it can be restored to its original glossy surface by polishing.

(3) If the acrylic box is blurred or unclean due to slight scratches or adsorption of dust generated by static electricity, it can be wiped clean with 1% soapy water and a soft cloth.

(4) Because the acrylic sheet has a certain expansion coefficient, the thermal expansion and contraction factors of the acrylic sheet must be taken into account during use, and there must be a space for expansion and contraction during assembly. This is also a detail that needs to be paid attention to during the processing of the acrylic box.

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