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How to Choose the Light for the Acrylic Reef Tank

Acrylic reef tanks have very strict requirements for lighting. What kind of lighting can be used to achieve uniform light reception, so that the acrylic reef tank becomes more beautiful?

Ⅰ. Halogen light in acrylic reef tank

In addition to ordinary incandescent bulbs used in acrylic reef tanks, another type of incandescent bulbs is halogen bulbs. In the halogen bulb, a halogen gas is added, which may be bromine or iodine. These halogen gases will combine with volatilized tungsten to form tungsten bromide and tungsten iodide. Such a chemical reaction must wait for the temperature to rise above 93oC (200oF). Although the brightness of halogen bulbs is 25% to 30% higher than that of ordinary white light bulbs, the amount of heat they emit will have some influence on the water tank, which needs to be carefully considered. Moreover, the space required for the chemical change of the halogen gas is very small, so the halogen lamp is usually very small. However, a larger glass bulb is built on the outside, which is mainly used for heat insulation.

Ⅱ. Acrylic reef tank with natural light

Sunlight is the most familiar light source for fish and plants, and the most natural way of lighting. For acrylic reef tanks, although sunlight is the least expensive light source, the sunlight is not very stable and difficult to control. Therefore, artificial light sources must be used instead. Sunlight is rarely used as the main source of light for the aquarium, but it can be used as an auxiliary light.

Ⅲ. The light efficiency of the acrylic reef tank 

Compared with the input energy, the obtained illuminance is too low. With the increase of bulb wattage. Its power also increased. When using it, it is necessary to consider the influence of these heat energy on the acrylic reef tank. Since the bulb will generate high temperature, if it is depleted by the water in the tank, it may cause the bulb to rupture, so be careful. In fact, both the illuminance and frequency of light will attenuate. Even if human eyes cannot distinguish, it does not mean that other creatures cannot distinguish or will not be affected.

Ⅳ. The germicidal lamp of the acrylic reef tank

There is usually such an item in marine aquaculture equipment, but as the name suggests, its main function is to purify the water body and remove the bacteria that affect the health of fish in the sea, not for lighting. For more details, you could ask the manufacturer.

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