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Production Process of Acrylic Photo Stand Frame

A photo frame can be placed in a room to decorate and remind people of the good old days. The feeling of acrylic photo stand frame is completely different from that of wooden photo frame. It is advanced and high-grade. Compared with the traditional mirror photo frame, its biggest advantage is that it is not fragile and is easy to store. Let Maolin introduce you to the production of acrylic photo stand frames.

The common acrylic photo stand frame is placed type. Between two acrylic sheets, a magnet is embedded inside to make the two acrylics adsorb together, and the photos are placed in the middle. However, the process of making acrylic photo stand frames is different, which directly affects its appearance. Acrylic photo frames bulk are generally made by processes including cutting, planing, grinding, or directly trimming and polishing with a masonry polishing machine, inserting magnetic nails, etc., which are beautiful, high-end and practical for china acrylic manufacturer.

Ⅰ. Production process of the acrylic photo stand frame

(1) Cutting

Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting method. The laser can cut various patterns, words, etc. It uses the energy released by the laser beam to irradiate the acrylic surface to melt the acrylic sheet. The laser cutting method can accurately cut complex-shaped material, and the cut material only needs to be polished.

(2) Punch holes

Drilling machine for drilling: First determine the position of the acrylic according to the drawing, and then punch the holes after positioning.

CNC punching: it is very convenient to use the machine to punch holes. We only need to input the drawings on the computer into the CNC machine according to the size marked on the drawings, and the machine will automatically run to work.

(3) Polishing

Custom acrylic photo frames should be polished according to customers' requirements on high quality products. This process is achieved through traditional grinding and cloth wheel polishing. Polishing methods include traditional cloth wheel polishing, fire polishing and diamond polishing.

(4) Hot bending

The hot bending of acrylic can be achieved by several different methods. Multiple acrylic sheets can be placed on a set of hot bending machine and forming mold at the same time for hot bending and finalizing. Most of the hot bending is only a single line or parallel line hot bending, and the angle of the hot bending can be controlled according to the stereotype.

(5) Bonding

Bonding is a demanding process, which not only requires alignment, but also requires high product firmness in acrylic products wholesale.

(6) Assembly

It goes without saying that assembly is a series of combinations of multiple accessories to become a complete product. After checking the quality of the acrylic photo stand frame, and confirming that the assembly is correct, the product will be packaged and shipped out.

Ⅱ. Precautions when making acrylic photo stand frames

(1) Minimize the error when cutting the material, the cutting angle should be preferably a right angle, and the size for the subsequent process such as trimming should be reserved.

(2) Trimming is to remove the saw grains, so that the trimming plane is smooth and flat, and the process of trimming, grinding and polishing can be omitted by using a masonry polishing machine.

(3) The processing process of the acrylic photo stand frame is to use the method of cloth wheel polishing, which can not only ensure the brightness of the edge, but also have a good flatness.

(4) The magnetic nails must be used in separate sets to reduce errors after assembly.

(5) If the right angle cannot be guaranteed when cutting the material, it can be trimmed to a right angle with a trimmer.

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