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How to Deal with the Acrylic Box After Scratching?

Scratches on the acrylic box will affect the overall aesthetics, and will have a negative effect on the display of the product. Especially for those transparent acrylic boxes, it will look very obvious and it is difficult to hide the scratches. How to solve the scratching of acrylic box? It's a pity to throw away the box because of a little scratch, and it's not good to ignore it. Don't worry, Maolin will teach you some simple and practical ways to solve the scratches on acrylic boxes.

1. Wipe the acrylic box with cotton cloth dipped in toothpaste

For small and deep scratches, the usual method is to moisten toothpaste with a cotton cloth and wipe the scratched part. Through repeated wiping, scratches can be removed and the original color and brightness of the small acrylic boxes wholesale can be restored.

2. Polish the acrylic box

If the scratch area is relatively large, it can be polished with a cloth wheel polishing machine. It only needs to be waxed on the cloth wheel and then polished on the scratched surface to recover. This method is relatively fast.

3. Treat the acrylic box with sandpaper and water

If the acrylic products that have deep scratches, use the finest water sandpaper and water, and then smooth the scratch and the surrounding area, and then polish it with a cloth wheel polishing machine. It should be noted that because the scratches are too deep, they usually have to be polished and polished many times in order to cover the scratches, so the polished surface will be a little pitted.

In fact, not only acrylic boxes will be scratched, but almost all acrylic products are scratched. If you want acrylic crafts to have no scratches, you can use acrylic processing with strong scratch resistance. In addition to paying attention to ordinary acrylic boxes during transportation and use, it is also very important to learn the maintenance knowledge and scratching methods of acrylic products.

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