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Warranty Policy

Since the establishment of our company, we have always regarded product quality as the core of our company's market competition. It is this successful positioning that gives our company a good reputation in this industry. The company has established a strict quality inspection system according to customer's quality requirements. 

Our company carries on the strict control and the management to the product quality related link, has established the scientific inspection standard, and has carried on the quantification to the inspection index, the responsibility to the employee, has ensured the company continues to produce the qualified product consistently.

We guarantee the following points to our client about the product quality:

  • In principle, the quality of products provided by our company shall follow the technical standards stipulated by the buyer. In the absence of specific technical standards stipulated by the buyer, our company will comply with the current national standards, and can provide product samples to the buyer, and then provide products with the buyer's consent, and ensure the stability and gradual improvement of product quality.

  • 2The supplier shall guarantee that the products provided comply with the statutory quality standards and shall be responsible for the quality of the products. If necessary, the supplier shall provide the buyer with quality data, such as product inspection reports.

  • If consumers complain about product quality problems, the supplier shall actively cooperate with them and properly solve them. If it is confirmed that the supplier is responsible, the supplier shall bear all the responsibilities and expenses.

  • If the goods are missing or damaged when they arrive at the buyer, the buyer shall issue the commodity inspection report according to the actual situation, and the logistics company or the supplier shall assume the corresponding responsibilities.

  • For the problems in the buyer's sales terminal, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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