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Six Steps of Acrylic Box Silk Screen Printing

Acrylic boxes are used by people to package products. In addition to being beautiful, they also have a good coloring effect. The LOGO can be silk-printed to promote the brand. Don't underestimate a small LOGO, it also requires technology to make it.

There are six steps in acrylic box silk screen printing, and it is difficult to complete without one.

1. The screen frame of acrylic box

The screen frame used for acrylic box screen printing generally has two types: wooden frame and aluminum frame. The price of wooden frames is cheaper than aluminum frames, but the pulled out nets are easy to slack, so the recyclability is relatively poor, and the recyclability of aluminum frames is higher than that of wooden frames.

2. Mesh of acrylic box

There are many kinds of net yarns, such as nylon net yarn, ribbon net yarn, metal net yarn, etc., but nylon net yarn is generally used.

3. Acrylic box pull net

There are manual pulling nets, mechanical pulling nets and pneumatic pulling nets. But for the general acrylic products manufacturer, because its own requirements for printing are not very high, it is enough to use manual and mechanical drawing, and pneumatic drawing is not very useful.

4. Acrylic box washing net

The chemicals used to wash the nets are time-consuming. Professional manufacturers of acrylic products generally use strong detergents directly. Soak the mesh plate and sand on both sides with cotton cloth. Use light force when sanding to avoid the mesh from falling off. Then put it in the dryer for drying and set aside.

5. Sensitive paste on acrylic box

The photosensitive paste on the market needs to be called by itself. First use hot water to adjust the humidity of the photosensitive powder for screen printing, then pour it into the photosensitive paste and mix thoroughly, and set aside for later use. There is an automatic sizing machine on the market, which has a very uniform thickness, and the sizing can also be done by the plate maker.

6. Acrylic box baking sheet and publishing

The baking sheet is generally baked with a warm air of about 30 degrees in the baking sheet machine, and bake several times after sizing. The baked stencil must be completely dry, and the thickness generally depends on the needs of the custom acrylic flower box. In the case of PVC, thin films such as film are generally fine at one time. Pay attention to the completeness and smoothness of each character when publishing.

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