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Individual acrylic picture frame, give you infinite beautiful memories

Acrylic is also called PMMA or Acrylic, which translates to Plexiglas. It has excellent transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to dye and process, and beautiful appearance. In reality, it has a wide range of applications. Acrylic photo frame is the acrylic material made of photo frame products.

1.Acrylic products green and environmentally friendly

Acrylic, also known as organic glass, is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, new healthy and fashionable product materials, commonly used to make: acrylic crafts, acrylic display, acrylic furniture, acrylic light boxes, etc.; plexiglass color is very rich, the color is also extremely bright; because of its plasticity is very strong, to meet the standards of various styles and shapes. Acrylic products have excellent light transmission, light transmission rate of up to 92%, the required light intensity is very small, but also very energy efficient and power saving; excellent insulation properties, suitable for a variety of electrical equipment. High recycling rate, recognized by the growing awareness of environmental protection. In addition, acrylic also has many advantages such as: radiation lower than the human skeleton radiation, high brightness, anti-aging, weathering and good acid and alkali resistance, long life and other advantageous features.

2. Arylic photo frame gives a new impetus to life

The room randomly placed some beautiful photo frames, always create a comfortable and romantic feeling, so that the whole room becomes relaxed. How to choose a photo frame more suitable for simple and stylish space? General acrylic photo frames are more easily accepted by the public and can well highlight the characters in the photos, rich in romantic colors of the return to nature. Designers can design a variety of acrylic photo frames according to different colors and styles to decorate a beautiful space with different styles.

The beloved photos placed in transparent acrylic frames, as the most popular romantic decorative theme, crystal clear acrylic without the cold touch of metal, and no traditional decorative heavy. Translucent and exquisite, light and lively, bright and sparkling characteristics create a beautiful decorative effect. In the heavy and cumbersome decoration is unique, creating a fresh and natural home atmosphere, and gradually become the new favorite in home decoration.

3.Acrylic photo frame has gotten rid of a single transparent, more fashionable and personalized than the traditional art photo frame

Acrylic photo frame has a good shape is not fragile, lightweight and not discolored impact resistance, excellent translucency and other characteristics, under the light, it is bright and dazzling shine like crystal noble, can be described as high-end atmosphere upscale. The current era is the pursuit of individuality, fashion and creativity. Acrylic crystal-like transparency, excellent processing performance, as well as the rich plate color, for acrylic personalization provides favorable conditions. You can personalize your own creative acrylic photo frame, acrylic photo frame with commemorative meaning, decorate your wedding photos, personal portraits and other meaningful photos, making it more beautiful and moving. Put some commemorative photos in the frame, put in the living room or bedroom, let people feel fresh and natural, bring you unlimited good memories.

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