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Acrylic Display Stand is Very Popular with Merchants

At present, with the widespread use of acrylic products, acrylic display racks are widely used in supermarket display racks, electronic product display racks, cosmetic display racks, etc., the most common mobile phone and other electronic product display racks, restaurant T-shaped acrylic menu signs, etc.; Acrylic display racks are unique in shape design, strong rigidity and high light transmittance are favored by the majority of manufacturers.

1. Acrylic display stands are the preferred product display props for current shopping malls, supermarkets and many enterprises

Acrylic is a new material that is relatively easy to operate. In real-world mall displays, we were very distressed to clean up the dust. Acrylic product display stands wholesale made of some materials are more prone to yellowing, and some dirt is not easy to wash off, so acrylic display stands made of acrylic are very convenient to clean.

Acrylic is mainly a special display stand designed and produced by acrylic sheet for displaying goods. Acrylic material has the characteristics of easy processing, good light transmittance and good visual effect. The acrylic display stand made of acrylic sheet has a beautiful appearance and is crystal clear, which can effectively improve the display grade of the product and highlight the brand image of the product during product display. In addition to the advantages of the shape and the sheet itself, the color matching of the transparent acrylic display stand is also very important. A good match can make the display stand more effective.

2. Color matching of acrylic display stand

When many purchasers are looking for display rack factories, they directly supply drawings and then display rack manufacturers produce them. However, some display racks cannot be produced directly, especially customized display racks. One should consider the structural appearance of the display rack. Planning, the other is the selection of the color of the display stand related to the product brand. Of course, the perfect color matching of the display stand can attract everyone's attention, and the color matching must be based on the characteristics of the product, such as a cosmetic display stand. The most classic matching is of course pink or a small fresh color, giving everyone a natural and relaxed feeling.

In addition to the unique design, the color of the transparent acrylic display stand is also a breakthrough point. Different colors make people feel different. Generally, warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow have high brightness, high saturation, and can bring excitement. On the contrary, cool colors such as blue, green, and purple have lower brightness and weaker pairs, giving people a sense of silence. For the specific effect you want, use the corresponding color matching. Of course, if you have no idea about the color matching, you can also directly ask the professional staff of the manufacturer to design it for you, so as to obtain a good display effect.

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