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Acrylic Wholesale Products

Ningbo Maolin Plastic Technology Co., Ltd, top acrylic products manufacturer in China, was found in 2003 at Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Mukey china acrylic manufacturer have gained plenty of production experience in acrylic products wholesale, like various kinds of shapes for holders and displays, office supplyments, acrylic furniture, supermarket candy dispensers and etc. Most of Mukey china acrylic manufacturer workers have stayed in our factory for more than 8 years and we have a solid working team to provide professional advice and high-quality acrylic products wholesale to our customers. Our sales team are also professional in foreign trade and provide one-to-one services to our customers from the beginning to the end. We provide short delivery time and shipping worldwide acrylic wholesale products services as well. Our main market is in North America and European countries. We always keep long-term cooperation relations with our customers. Maolin acrylics is always here for you if you have any need in regards to acrylic/plexiglass products. 

Acrylic Furniture

If you are interested and obssesive to clear furniture, acrylic furniture will bring you so many happy moments to your life. Acrylic furniture is both for indoor and outdoor use. Many celebration comp...

Acrylic Display and Acrylic Holder

Acrylic Displays Wholesale In book stores, the acrylic magazine holders display various updated magazines. In offices, big attaching company logo on the walls are clear acrylic products as well.

Acrylic Pet Supplies

Acrylic pet supplies are in big demand in the market. We can use acrylic plastic material to make various clear acrylic pet products. Most common seen ones are like pet feeders, pet beds and different tanks.

Acrylic Aquarium and Acrylic Fish Tank

In recent years, the acrylic material is more and more popular in making aquariums and tanks compared to the glass material. The transparency rate of acrylic is better than glass and not so easy to break.

Acrylic Box

Acrylic box is widely used in marketing use and for decoration purpose. The marketing phrases can be printed on the box directly for wedding occasions or new baby shower parties.

Acrylic Photo Frame

Acrylic photo frames are normally magnetic with 2 pieces. It's very easy to use and easy to change the photos as well. The most prominent advantage of acrylic photo frames is their crystal look.
+ Clear Photo Frames Wholesale
Acrylic Photo Frame

MDF & Wood Display

Beauty Supply Stores require attractive and effective shelving and display fixtures. As you plan your beauty supply store fixture layout keep in mind that the main goal is to create good customer traffic flow and effectively present your merchandise for sale. With these goals, a good cosmetics display rack will solve all your problems.

Acrylic Office Supplies

There are many acrylic application items in office. An elegant indoor business sign will make excellent addition to reception or lobby in your office.

Perspex, plexiglass Vs Acrylic: What’s The Difference in Acrylic Products Wholesale? 

In fact, both are polymethacrylic resins. To put it simply, the good quality one is called acrylic, and bad quality (cast from cracked recycled materials) is called plexiglass. In fact, in Mukey acrylic products manufacturer, the materials of acrylic wholesale products are all the same but the quality is different, and there is no strict definition. That is to say, good plexiglass is acrylic, and bad acrylic is plexiglass. Acrylic material has very clear transparency without any impurities. The common name is called "imitation crystal". It has a good hand and texture and looks high-end and elegant, because its transparency is pure natural colorless and transparent. Most of it is transparent. It is used in the production of noble handicrafts and high-grade product display stands. Plexiglass has average transparency. Because many people don't know it well, they often compare Plexiglass with pvc and plastic panels. It can be seen that the texture of Plexiglass is slightly yellow.

5 Ways to Maintain the Beauty of Your Acrylic Wholesale Products

  • Cleaning

Acrylic products wholesale, if there is no special treatment or hardening agent added, the product itself is easy to wear and scratch. Therefore, for general dust treatment, you can use a feather duster or clean water to rinse, and then wipe with a soft cloth. If the surface is oily, you can add water with a soft detergent and scrub it with a soft cloth.

  • Waxing

If you want the product to be bright and bright from acrylic products manufacturer, you can use liquid polishing wax and wipe it evenly with a soft cloth to achieve the goal.

  • Adhesion

If the product is accidentally damaged, you can use IPS adhesive glue/adhesive methylene chloride type adhesive or quick-drying agent to bond it.

  • Polishing

If the product is scratched or the surface wear is not very serious, you can try to use a polishing machine (or car waxing machine) to install a cloth wheel, dip an appropriate amount of liquid polishing wax, and evenly polish it to improve.  

  • Prevent deformation

The structure of the device must be reserved for shortening and swelling gaps to prevent the deformation of acrylic crafts

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