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Acrylic Application in Furniture

Custom acrylic products can be widely used in home furniture. Although custom acrylic furniture is not widely seen at everybody's home, as it's quite expensive and heavy in weight. We can see many acrylic furniture in some luxury hotels, bars and resorts. The reasons are as followed why acrylic can be applied in furniture. 

Various Measurements and shapes

Acrylic board is divided into“extrusion board” and “casting board” in terms of production. Its thickness are varied from 1mm to 200mm. Acrylic is also divided into boards, pipes and bars in terms of shapes. It is easy to choose from various thickness acrylic boards and suitable shapes to make machining in furniture.


Average HRC of acrylic hardness can achieve around 90. Acrylic hardness modulus makes acrylic furniture for sale very sturdy and long lifespan. But there is one weakness that acrylic is easy to leave scratches on the surface, that’s why acrylic is always matched with metals or woods in practical uses to avoid its weaknesses especially in the joint position. 


Acrylic wholesale products is one of the eco-friendly materials in the market. It can be recycled and this makes acrylic different from other plastic materials. In this factor, acrylic is a “green” material that’s good to our environment in its true meaning. 


Acrylic can be matched with copper, stainless steel, other metal alloy and wood material components. Acrylic alone makes the furniture design clean and chic. While in combination with other materials, just bring acrylic product into a whole new image and upgrade the modernness and high taste of the furniture.

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