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Most of our products are customized according to different requirements of our customers. Our customers come up with new ideas and come to us to find the best solution to put their ideas in mind into physical products. Here we will take an example of Lottery Sales Display Shelf to illustrate.

Trusted by our customer China Welfare Lottery Company, they wanted to develop a new lottery display shelf that can be disassembled in package and saves their transportation costs, yet the shelf shall have enough spaces to hold the lottery tickets, and it's movable in feasibility and can have their flyers displayed on top. 

Most of the acrylic displays in the market is glued together, that means it cannot be disassembled in small box. After a full understanding of our customer's requests, our research team discussed the structure of the display shelf, which is the critical part. Finally they came up with this solution (structure below).


This display shelf is assembled by 12 separate acrylic boards. It has 16 separate compartments to hold the lottery tickets to fulfill our customer's application. It is an interpenetrating structure. Four horizontal acrylic boards with grinding cross with three vertical acrylic boards with grindings. Two oval shapes of strong acrylic boards by sides together with one large back acrylic board hold the structure stable. When disassembled, each board can put on flat surface one by one and packed into a flat box, which saves the shipping volume in a large scale and it saved our customers a great budget in shipping, because the customer has so many stores throughout China. 

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