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Acrylic Fish Tank Requirements for Room and Location

Nowadays, many people like to put an acrylic fish tank in the room to raise some ornamental fish when they decorate the room, so that not only can achieve the design sense of the room, but also add a lot of fun to their life, so about the placement of the acrylic fish tank, do you know how to place it? do you have any requests for acrylic wholesale products?

1. Acrylic fish tank requirements for room and location

(1) A brightly lit house. The sun house pays the most attention to sunlight and air, so choosing to live in a building with not only fresh air, but also abundant sunlight is beneficial to people's health and wealth. In such an environment, fish farming tends to increase wealth. A house with a lot of light tends to be hot, and because fish and water are cold by nature, they can adjust to each other and make people more fortunate.

(2) Indoor drying room. A dry house usually has a certain effect on the skin, making a person dehydrated, hydrated and prone to dizziness. If you raise fish in such a home, you can improve the humidity of the air and make the air field develop in a neutral direction, thus forming a good atmosphere and enhancing the momentum.

2. The life support system in the acrylic fish tank

Generally, because the water body of large acrylic fish tank is larger than that of ordinary household fish tank, we need to be equipped with corresponding life support system. In fact, whether it is a small acrylic fish tank for home use or a large water body in an aquarium, where fish survive and multiply, a series of equipment is required to maintain the effect of various vital signs. Such a system is a life support system. 

The life support system is generally composed of a circulatory system, a sterilization system and a biochemical system. The various systems form a whole with each other and work together to deal with the waste generated by the survival of fish. For different fish and aquatic organisms, the configuration of the acrylic fish tank life support system is very different. It is necessary to design a suitable life support system according to the life characteristics and survival needs of different organisms. Some organisms may also need to add a temperature control system, and some may need to add special mineral elements to survive.

Acrylic fish tank sanitary equipment used at home generally includes ultraviolet sterilizers, protein removers, and filter systems outside the tank. Of course, more professional species such as large fish still have to be cultivated by professional units such as aquariums. The investment in the related life support system is not affordable for ordinary enthusiasts. At the same time, professional knowledge is also required.

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