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How to Increase the Adhesion During Silk Screen Printing of Acrylic Display Holders?

At present, more and more customers will give priority to acrylic materials when choosing commodity display stands. Some of them have requirements for display stands, and generally, they will also design their own styles and print their own LOGO, but for different materials, the printing process requirements are very high, and many small factories do not have the ability to print LOGO or advertising patterns. Even if some factories have the processing capability of screen printing or pad printing, the words of thanks or pictures such as LOGO or advertising language on screen printing or pad printing are not well attached. If you scratch your fingernails or hard objects lightly, the paint will peel off. How to increase the adhesion of screen printing or pad printing on the surface of acrylic display holder products?

1. Treat the surface of the acrylic display holders

Acrylic product display stands wholesale belongs to polymer plastic, and the polarity of the surface molecules is very poor. It needs to be processed to increase the polarity, which is conducive to the adhesion of ink. The usual practice is to treat the surface of the product, scrub the surface with a solvent, and then screen or pad it. If conditions permit, plasma treatment is used, but the process is relatively complex and the cost is high, and ordinary products are not recommended. 

2. The adhesion strength of screen printing on the surface of plexiglass products is mainly related to the ink used

If conditions permit, you can try to use the original imported ink, and about 5% of the curing agent can be added to the ink, so that the adhesion is better. If the adhesion of screen printing is good, it is better to use high temperature ink and bake at high temperature after printing, which is both environmentally friendly and beautiful. You can also choose enhanced hardening mirror screen printing ink, no baking, self-drying. Especially suitable for hardening, hardening paint surface and other silk products.

3. The cleaning treatment of the surface of the acrylic display holders also has a great influence on the adhesion of screen printing or pad printing

Therefore, before screen printing, it is best to scrub the surface with white electric oil to remove the oil stains on the surface, otherwise, various oil stains on the surface will have an adverse effect on the adhesion of the ink.

To sum up, the silk screen printing on the surface of acrylic display racks has high requirements on materials, technology and production environment, which is not something that ordinary small workshop-style factories can produce. Muckey acrylic products manufacturer has an advanced dust-free production line for silk screen printing of plexiglass products, which also uses imported big brand inks, which can ensure that the screen printing products pass the corresponding strict testing standards, and ensure that the screen printing products will not fade or peel!

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