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What is the Difference Between Maolin's Acrylic Fish Tank and Ordinary Fish Tank?

When choosing a fish tank, you must consider the size and quality of the fish tank. Fish tanks are places where fish are kept. Without a good living environment, they cannot grow normally and healthily.

Ⅰ. The differences between acrylic fish tank and ordinary fish tanks are as follows:

1. The production process is different

It is necessary to understand the material of the fish tank and the production process of the fish tank. The thickness of the aquarium, the smoothness and roughness of the inner wall, and the color and beauty should also be considered. In addition, conditions such as heat absorption and heat dissipation, landing and airborne, warmth and heat dissipation, etc. also need to be known.

2. Different materials

The difference between acrylic fish tank and ordinary fish tank is that the material of the fish tank is different. This means that the corrosion resistance and strength of ordinary glass fish tanks are not as good as acrylic fish tanks. In bad weather, exposure to the sun or cold conditions, ordinary glass is relatively easy to break, and acrylic fish tanks will show its advantages of durability.

3. Different transparency

The difference between acrylic fish tank and ordinary glass is its transparency. The transparency of acrylic is very good, which is incomparable to ordinary fish tanks. Its surface is transparent and bright, easy to watch. It has diversity in molding, so the fish tank can be made into a variety of styles, which are not easy to be deformed and not easy to fade. Acrylic fish tanks have a very long life, generally up to 10 years or more.

4. Different lightness

One of the most excellent characteristics of acrylic products is that its light. In the home, ordinary fish tanks are difficult to move, while most acrylic fish tanks are light in weight and easier to move. And it can provide the best growing environment for fish.

Ⅱ. Selection of acrylic fish tank filtration system

The usual acrylic fish tank internal filtration system includes the following components: filter cotton, biochemical cotton, glass ring and activated carbon. It can be seen from these basic accessories that a complete filter system has high requirements for sealing and installation performance, and it is more complicated. The point is that multiple cleanings are not conducive to protecting the nitrifying bacteria inside the cleaning system, because the main water quality cleaning work needs their help to complete. When we choose acrylic fish tank water quality cleaning filter materials, we must choose products of high quality and relatively high prices.

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