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What Material is the Acrylic Display Stand? How to Tell Whether It is Good or Bad?

First, we will introduce the materials of acrylic display, including acrylic, polymethylmethacrylate or plexiglass. It comes from British acrylic acid (acrylic plastic), and its chemical name is polymethylmethacrylate. It is an important plastic polymer material developed earlier. It has the advantages of good transparency, good chemical stability, and good weather resistance. It is easy to dye, easy to process with beautiful appearance. It has been widely used in the wholesale acrylic display stands industry.

1. Advantages of acrylic display holders

(1) Good hardness: the main advantage of acrylic plate is high hardness. Its hardness is one of the indexes to measure the quality of steel plate. Good acrylic panel hardness index can reach 89 degrees, and acrylic panel adaptability is particularly good, which can be used in the sun and rain for a long time with good anti-aging performance.

(2) Good light transmittance and light transmittance: acrylic display board has good light transmittance and light transmittance, which can reach more than 92%, because the light transmittance and pure whiteness of the board can be guaranteed in the production process.

(3) Strong impact resistance and rich colors: compared with other plates, acrylic panel has strong impact resistance, which is more than ten times that of ordinary glass. It has high safety performance and many varieties, which is suitable for decoration in different spaces.

(4) It is easy to maintain with strong plasticity for acrylic wholesale products: acrylic plate is easy to clean. It can be dried with clean water or soapy water. In addition, acrylic plate has strong plasticity which is easy to process and shape by china acrylic manufacturer.

2. Methods to distinguish the quality of acrylic display holders

(1) Observation method: the simplest way to judge the quality of acrylic board is to observe whether its surface has fading or low gloss, which can be seen from these aspects. Besides, you can also check whether the instruction manual of acrylic display board is consistent with the actual material, so as to judge whether it is a normal material.

(2) Light transmission method: the so-called light transmission method is to distinguish the quality of acrylic acid by its light transmittance. Through white light, it can pass through acrylic plate. Generally, the acrylic plate with good quality has high light transmittance and it is white after passing. If there is a color difference of yellow or blue, the quality of acrylic plate is poor.

(3) Combustion method: burning with acrylic plate. If acrylic burns fast, the quality of acrylic display board is unqualified.

(4) Sticking method: when two acrylic plates are burned, it is difficult to separate inferior acrylic materials after hot melting. Inferior acrylic materials are easy to separate. Therefore, this small experiment can be used to identify the quality of acrylic plate.

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