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The Advantages of Acrylic Display Holders

Acrylic display stands are aesthetically pleasing and can improve the quality of products. Reasonable use of acrylic display stands can not only show the appearance characteristics of the product, but also reflect the excellent quality of the product, giving customers a different visual effect. Thereby improving the grade of products and promoting product sales.

So what are the advantages of acrylic display stand?

1. The high-quality acrylic display holders are clear

The personalized design makes the acrylic display stand and the product more harmoniously unified, and the excellent comprehensive visual effect helps to improve the product quality, especially for the custom acrylic display box. Moreover, compared with the simple display in the past, the acrylic display stand not only better demonstrates the appearance characteristics of the product, but also reflects the high quality of the product. It also attracts the attention of potential consumers and achieves the goal of making more profitable businesses.

2. The professional and unified customized acrylic display holders can effectively highlight the corporate brand.

According to the different needs of customers, acrylic display holders can directly transfer the picture to the acrylic display holder through screen printing, and then vacuum pressure molding. There are characters, animals, or commodity images in the screen, or the stereoscopic effect is formed by blister, so as to get a better publicity effect.

3. Acrylic display holders have very good light transmittance, relatively reducing light sources and saving electricity

Acrylic display holders have high light transmittance and softer light. It is more dazzling and dazzling to shine on the acrylic display holders with colored lights, which can attract customers' attention.

The impact resistance of acrylic display stands is more than 200 times that of ordinary glass products, and it is not easy to break. In addition, the weight of the acrylic display stand is only half that of ordinary glass, which is very convenient in handling or moving.

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