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The Service Life and Influencing Factors of Acrylic Products

Acrylic products refer to handicrafts or consumer goods made of acrylic materials according to their good characteristics. Products made from acrylic have the advantages of high transparency, low price and easy machining, so acrylic products are widely used. We can see products made from acrylic everywhere in our life.

How long is the service life of acrylic products? What are the factors affecting the service life of products made from acrylic? When you buy acrylic products, in addition to the price and quality, the service life of acrylic products is also a matter of concern. When it comes to the service life of custom acrylic products, we should explain it from three aspects: material, environment and use mode.

1. Manufacturing materials of products made from acrylic

The quality of materials will also affect the service life of acrylic products. Acrylic can be divided into domestic and imported. Some products made from acrylic processed by acrylic manufacturers will turn yellow and deformed after 2-3 years of use; Imported acrylic can be used for 10 years as long as it is properly maintained.

2. Environmental factors of acrylic products

Products made from acrylic also have certain requirements for the use environment. When the temperature reaches 96 ℃, acrylic will produce thermal deformation, and it is easy to embrittle when the temperature is lower than 9.2 ℃. Its exposure to the sun and rain will also aggravate the reduction of its service life, so acrylic products should not be placed in a harsh environment.

3. Usage of products made from acrylic

Improper use will seriously shorten the service life. For example, if the acrylic display rack is placed with products that exceed its load, the acrylic display rack will be broken or damaged due to overload.

If you want to extend the service life of acrylic products, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning, so as to maintain the quality and service life of products. Otherwise, even the best products will not last for a few months.

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