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Acrylic Application in Architecture

There are a lot of landmark tall buildings are embedded with this kind of transparent glass, these glasses make these buildings look more high-end, in fact these glasses are acrylic sheets.

Acrylic is widely used in the construction industry, because of its high transparency and high hardness features. Compared with the traditional glass, acrylic has many advantages, not only used in the periphery of the building, in the building of the light, ceiling, but also used for the protection of the interior wall. In addition, it is also commonly used in street lamps, car lampshades, soundproof windows, telephone booths, etc. It has gradually replaced the traditional inorganic glass as one of the latest lighting products.

Nowadays, in America and in Japan, there are law regulations that the architecture glasses in kindergartens and high schools must be made of organic glasses. Through the constantly improvement of laws and regulations in China, we believe in the near future acrylic products manufacturer will have such laws to abide with to apply more usages of organic glasses in school architectures.

Acrylic is also widely used in Big Aquarium museum. Through the large acrylic fish tanks for sale, huge dome cover made of high transparency acrylic, we can enjoy a vivid view of marine animal movement. In our local place in Ningbo Aquarium, many fish tanks are made by our factory. 

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