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Acrylic Products Processing Technology Analysis

1. Acrylic products cutting

Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting method. The laser can cut acrylic products with various patterns and characters. Laser cutting technology uses a laser beam to irradiate the surface of the acrylic sheet, and then the laser releases energy to melt the acrylic. Laser cutting can be used to cut and process a variety of very complex patterns, text or logos, so that we can process complex shapes that meet our processing requirements. The cut material can restore the high transparency of the acrylic material itself after polishing.

2. Perforated acrylic products

Acrylic drilling machines can be directly used for drilling. Compared with glass, acrylic has good mechanical processing characteristics. According to the requirements of customized acrylic products processing drawings, it is directly fixed on the drilling machine and directly drilled. Acrylic can also use CNC drilling to make the processed acrylic parts have high assembly accuracy. We only need to input various parameters on the computer, and then use the computer to control the CNC machine tool to locate and drill.

3. Polishing of acrylic products

Acrylic itself has high transparency, comparable to natural crystals. So we need to restore the crystal-like high transparency of acrylic after polishing. Acrylic polishing can use traditional cloth wheel polishing, diamond polishing or fire polishing. The sequence is usually after diamond polishing, fire polishing is used to remove the burrs on the corners to smooth the custom acrylic products, and finally polishing with cloth wheels. After the cloth wheel is waxed, acrylic products with a transparency of up to 92% can be polished.

4. Hot bending process of acrylic products

Since the softening temperature of acrylic material is between 70 and 100 ℃, the use of thermal bending technology can process acrylic into various shapes and irregular accessories we need. Acrylic bending can be achieved in different ways. It can also be said that many acrylic sheets are placed on a set of hot bending machines and hot bending molds. And many of the custom made acrylic boxes are produced in this way. Most hot bending can only be done with single or parallel lines. The hot bending angle can be controlled by setting the mold as required.

5. Adhesion of acrylic products

Bonding is a very important process, which is all processed by hand, so the experience of the employees is very important at this time. Moreover, the bonding process of acrylic products must be strictly controlled, not only must be bonded to the position designed in the drawing, but also not sticky, product foaming, or weak bonding. Only products that are perfect in all aspects will be allowed to be shipped.

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