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Installation and Thickness Requirements of Acrylic Display Stand

1. Thickness requirements of acrylic display holders

Generally speaking, 2mm or less can be used for decoration, and at least 3mm if it is a load bearing, and it depends on the structure of the display stand. The weight-bearing capacity of the plexiglass display stand with a thickness of 3mm to 5mm is enough to bear the weight of general cosmetics, Choose Mukey wholesale cosmetic display stands.

The surface hardness and toughness of the acrylic display stand are two important strength indicators. Hardness refers to the hardness of an object. Diamond is the hardest natural substance and can be used to cut hard glass; toughness refers to the ability of an object to return to its original shape after deformation. Although diamonds are hard, they have low toughness and are easily broken. Acrylic product display stands wholesale have low hardness but good toughness. When heated, its bending ability is stronger than glass, but the surface is not as hard as tempered glass.

The higher the surface hardness of the acrylic display holders, the higher the scratch resistance; the better the toughness, the less likely it will be damaged. If some inferior acrylic display stands are processed with reused recycled materials, aging and yellowing, the toughness of the product is very poor, it will break with a little effort, and it will not be able to withstand falling.

2. Installation of acrylic display holders

Everyone knows that acrylic display stands have always been known as "crystal" in the industry. The reason why they are called crystals is that they are mistaken for crystals because of their crystal clear appearance. So how to install our acrylic display stand?

Take out the acrylic data pocket from the interlayer and fix it to the data rack with screws. Such a display stand has up to 4 layers of acrylic data pockets, of which the upper three layers are small data pockets, which can store small promotional materials such as folding pages. The big data pocket is on the lower layer, acrylic magazine display stands can store A4 size magazines or other promotional materials.

When placing the promotional material rack, it is also necessary to pay attention to the stability and safety of the base. This data rack uses a large base, which is both load-bearing and stable. Consider the handling conditions of the product when it is put on the shelf. Things that are too heavy should not be placed on the top layer of the custom display stand, which is not conducive to stabilizing the center of gravity of the shelf and may collapse; it is also not conducive to the handling and evacuation of goods. The product area is divided according to the characteristics. For example, put the goods produced by the supermarket itself on the acrylic display stand to set up a separate area. Build your own brand and increase your competitiveness. Buy acrylic products wholesale directly from China factory.

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