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What Should Be Paid Attention to when Purchasing a Large Acrylic Fish Tank

As acrylic fish tanks have attracted more and more users' attention, many shopping malls, playgrounds, and aquariums have replaced glass fish tanks with large acrylic fish tanks. The large acrylic fish tank is a high-grade aquarium product. The tank body is transparent and seamless, which is more beautiful and safer than ordinary glass fish tanks. Next, let's learn about the knowledge of purchasing large acrylic fish tanks with Mukey acrylic products wholesale!

1. Material characteristics of large acrylic fish tank

Acrylic is a type of plexiglass. Acrylic is the name for acrylic. The chemical composition is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which is polymerized from methyl methacrylate monomer. PMMA is the finished product of what we usually call acrylic sheet.

The color of the finished PMMA is very bright, the color is very pure, the hand feels warm and humid, the light transmittance is very high, up to 92%, and it has a wide range of adaptability, so it is called "plastic crystal". Resistance, in the outdoor environment, aging resistance of ten years to thirty years without discoloration, good surface hardness and gloss, excellent machinability, it can be made into any shape, and the application field has become very wide, and it can also be Very pure colored panels, translucent frosted glass panels, and extra-heavy panels several hundred millimeters thick are produced without loss of light transmittance of the thick panels. The overall large-scale acrylic fish tank has the advantages of weather resistance, plasticity, chemical stability, transparency, compression resistance, no radiation, acid and alkali resistance, etc.

Due to its superior performance, acrylic has been widely used in machining, aviation, automotive, military bulletproof glass, handicrafts, construction, health, schools, and custom acrylic fish tank for sale etc. With the development of recent years, it has spread to all aspects of our civilian life. Another advantage of acrylic is that there is no pollution and radiation, because its radiation frequency is almost close to that of the human body, so long-term application and contact will not cause harm, applicable to all areas of life.

2. Purchase of large acrylic fish tank

When purchasing a large acrylic fish tank, be sure to check the surface of the fish tank for scratches, scratches, nodules, vortices, surface shrinkage marks (especially at the corners), cracks, hemp spots, mildew spots, alkali marks, Water marks, whether there are air bubbles and foreign impurities in the middle of the plate. Large acrylic fish tank has high transparency, is not easy to produce scratches, and has strong pressure resistance.

The large acrylic fish tank has high transparency and light transmittance of 92%, and has the reputation of "plastic crystal". And custom acrylic fish tanks have good weather resistance, especially for outdoor applications, ranking the top of other plastics, and has both good surface hardness and gloss, large processing plasticity, acrylic can be made into various shapes and products. In addition, there are many kinds of plates and rich colors (including translucent color plates). Another feature of large acrylic fish tanks is that the thick plates can still maintain high transparency. Therefore, you can judge the quality of the acrylic fish tank by its transparency. When using the acrylic fish tank in the later stage, remind everyone to pay attention to check to see if there are scratches. If there are scratches, they must be solved in time, and daily cleaning and maintenance work should be done well.

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