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The Origin of Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic furniture originated in the post-present aesthetics and high-tech aesthetics era in Italy. The high-tech aesthetics at that time advocated the use of industrial materials, which had high-tech characteristics, emphasized functionalism, and believed in minimalism and artistic expression.

Since the German Rohm & Haas company produced the first acrylic sheet in 1920, the acrylic application has become more and more extensive. Acrylic furniture first appeared in Germany. In 1941, a designer of a German crafts company had a sudden feeling when designing accessories. If acrylic can be used as a material for furniture, it would be perfect. So he drew a design drawing of a coffee table using acrylic as the material, and wrote it in three days later, the coffee table was made. The appearance was perfect as he originally expected, but the structural design was lacking. Thus, acrylic furniture was born.

As a leader in industrial synthetic materials, acrylic, with its good transparency, crystal-like texture, and rich color system, outstandingly highlights the fashion and avant-garde that personalized furniture wants to show. For people who are tired of solid wood furniture, panel furniture and other conventional furniture, acrylic furniture is special and refreshing.

In terms of style, the unique properties of acrylic material make it extremely malleable, singular, diverse, and eclectic. It can give full play to the designer's inspiration, which is unmatched by solid wood and panel furniture.

According to different places of use, acrylic furniture is divided into acrylic kitchen furniture, acrylic bedroom furniture, and acrylic bathroom furniture.

Acrylic material comparison: Acrylic's good light transmittance makes it perfectly show the characteristics of each material in the process of matching with other materials.

Because of the interesting properties of acrylic, it can satisfy all kinds of uses in our lives, from furniture around us to lamps, from cars and sailing supplies to pre-art exhibition design. Acrylic is indispensable.

Acrylic has become an indispensable high-performance material in modern furniture design due to its irreplaceable advantages. While being noticed by more and more outstanding designers, acrylic material has also realized transformation from industrial products to wonderful works of art. At the same time, it is also waiting for more and more designers to interpret it more perfectly.

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