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Clear Acrylic Rose Flower Box Wholesale

Plexiglass flower box is the perfect combination of fashion and design, elegance and innovation.  Lucite flower box wholesale is from Maolin in China. Please contact us for clear acrylic flower box wholesale.

Custom Acrylic Flower Box
Clear Acrylic Boxes For Flowers
Clear Acrylic Box For Roses
Clear Acrylic Flower Box Wholesale
Transparent Acrylic Flower Box

Custom Clear Acrylic Flower Box Wholesale Parameters

ITEM No.: ML-1280 custom clear box for flowers

Material: Transparent Acrylic 

Color: Transparent or customized clear acrylic boxes for flowers

Size: 15*15*15cm or customized

Thickness: 3mm or customized acrylic rose box wholesale

Weight: 0.9kg

More Custom Clear Acrylic Rose Flower Box

For Office, Home, Party Decoration: Customized clear acrylic flower box meets the different needs of customers. We have different styles of acrylic boxes bulk for you to choose from, such as custom acrylic flower box with drawer and acrylic flower box with holes. Whether it is office, study, bedroom or garden decoration, according to your needs to customize different types of clear acrylic rose box.

Decor Functions of Custom Clear Acrylic Flower Box Wholesale

Decoration:  Because of transparent custom acrylic flower box uniqueness & portable, you can give a romantic and chic to decorate your room, dressing table, office, make an impression, and fall in love with our trendy acrylic box for flowers. 

Design: Acrylic rose boxes wholesale has fashion & Modern design, it's the perfect mix of elegance, style, and innovation.

Clear acrylic box for roses is a perfect gift to use in your home or in the office or in any party. Clear rose box can holder water to grow real flowers, or you can put fake flowers in the box as decoration. And it can be used as a flower box or a makeup organizer because the two panels and four pillars in the box is removable, so you can take it out.

Easily store everything from lipsticks and eye shadows to office supplies or household knick-knacks such as safety pins and nails. If you buy acrylic box, it won't clash with the decor of your home or office and makes a beautiful display in any room in your home or office. The clear, acrylic case is made from durable, shatter-resistant material and is incredibly easy to clean with soap and water, making this a product you can use for a long time to come. If this product stains, gently wipe it with cloth and toothpaste. 

Clear Custom Acrylic Rose Flower Box Features

Clear acrylic boxes for flowers stand out for their high-quality material, a type of plexiglass well-known for being sturdy and transparent. Composition: acrylic flower box wholesale has a lid on the top which can be removable, the holder has small holes ideal for hanging up your lovely flowers in a cute and smart way. Removable Panel: The panels can be removable you can take them out, so it is convenient for you to clean the flower pot. 

  • The acrylic rose box wholesale is removable, so you can fill your box for watering your lovely flowers.

  • Acrylic rose boxes wholesale allows you to store your items separately at various points in your living space or office space.

  • Clear acrylic rose flower box is easy to clean with soap and water that you can use for a long time to come.

  • Great to holder water to grow flowers and keep them fresh for a longer time.

  • Best gift, a great choice for man shows love for a sweetheart on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, etc.

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