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Why Custom Acrylic Display Stands Are More Expensive Than Other Materials?

Why is acrylic furniture so expensive?  Why does the acrylic stand custom of the same size have such a big price difference because it is only a matter of material? Maolin will give you an acrylic displays wholesale analysis of the reasons:

Acrylic Displays Wholesale Production Cost

The cost is the most important factor that cannot be ignored. The cost here mainly refers to labor costs and material costs. With the rise of the current economic level, the proportion of labor costs in the production of acrylic display case stand manufacturers is getting higher and higher, and the rising wages of workers are also doomed to increase the labor cost allocated to the production of products. In terms of materials, different drawing sizes and material requirements require the use of different hardware, lamps, decoration, and structural materials. The difference between materials also causes the price difference of acrylic display stands.

Acrylic Displays Wholesale Installation Cost

The cost factors that affect the price of acrylic products mainly include installation fees and transportation costs. Installing display stands in shopping malls is usually a race against time. The installation work of the installer is very time-consuming and laborious, the installation cost remains high, and the installation cost of the complex display rack is even more expensive. Acrylic display case rack manufacturers usually go through cargo transportation to merchant stores. Logistics costs are unavoidable. As for the level, it depends on the difference between regions.

Why is Acrylic Furniture so Expensive

Acrylic furniture is a popular choice for many modern interior designs. The high-quality material and stylish designs make acrylic furniture a top choice for many homeowners and interior designers. However, many people wonder why acrylic furniture is so expensive. Here are five reasons why acrylic furniture may be costly:

Wholesale Costs: The cost of acrylic furniture can also vary depending on the wholesale price. Mukey wholesale acrylic furniture is a great example of this. They offer a range of acrylic chairs for sale, clear acrylic coffee table wholesale, acrylic console table wholesale, and acrylic stool wholesale. The wholesale cost of acrylic furniture can be lower than the retail price, but it still may be higher than other materials due to the factors mentioned above.


Material Cost: Acrylic is not an inexpensive material. It is a high-quality plastic that is known for its durability, clarity, and scratch resistance. The cost of the raw material used to make acrylic furniture is one of the main reasons why it is expensive.

Manufacturing Process: The process of manufacturing acrylic furniture is complex and time-consuming. It involves heating, molding, and shaping the material into the desired shape. The process requires a high level of skill, which can also contribute to the overall cost of the furniture.

Design and Customization: Acrylic furniture is often highly customized, which can add to the cost. Many designers and manufacturers offer a wide range of designs and customization options, which can increase the price of the furniture.

Brand and Reputation: Brands and reputation can significantly affect the price of acrylic furniture. Established brands with a good reputation for quality and design are often more expensive than lesser-known brands.

In conclusion, acrylic furniture may be expensive due to the cost of the raw material, the manufacturing process, customization options, brand reputation, and wholesale costs. However, the benefits of acrylic furniture, such as durability, clarity, and scratch resistance, may make it a worthwhile investment for many homeowners and interior designers.

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Custom Acrylic Display Stands

Bespoke acrylic display stands are a popular choice for businesses looking for wholesale custom acrylic stands that can be tailored to their specific needs. These acrylic product display stands wholesale are perfect for showcasing products and can be designed with custom shapes, sizes, and colors to fit any branding or marketing strategy. With endless custom designs and ideas, businesses can create unique and eye-catching displays that draw attention to their products and enhance their overall brand image.

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Custom Price of Acrylic Display Cases Wholesale

Some customers are different from most products on the market because their products are designed and produced by themselves, and products of different brands are also very different. Therefore, the acrylic display case stand needs to be customized, and the personnel cost will increase at this time, and an experienced appearance designer and structural designer are required. Different molds must be cut during china acrylic manufacturer production, which will increase some costs. If it is not tailor-made, buy some popular display racks, it will be cheaper.

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