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Tips for Maintenance of Acrylic Display Stands

As a display prop that is exposed to the air for a long time, the acrylic display stand will inevitably accumulate stains and dust on the surface. When in use, people usually ignore the maintenance of the display stand. If you want the acrylic display stand to maintain a bright luster while in use, regular maintenance and cleaning are necessary.

1. Choose a mild detergent and water to clean acrylic display stands

To maintain the gloss of acrylic display stands, the most basic thing is cleaning. Frequent cleaning can effectively maintain the gloss of acrylic display stands. If it is contaminated with difficult-to-clean stains, you can choose a mild detergent and water, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. This can prevent damage to the acrylic surface. After cleaning, use care agents appropriately.

2. If acrylic display stands are scratched, they can be polished with polishing wax or toothpaste

If the surface of the acrylic display stand is accidentally scratched, don't worry too much about this. Polishing with polishing wax can make the acrylic as bright as new. If there are spots on the surface of the acrylic display stand that cannot be wiped off, try applying some toothpaste, and you will get unexpected results for acrylic wholesale products.

3. Dishwashing liquid can remove the fingerprints of acrylic display stands

If it is a single sand board or a double sand board, it will leave fingerprints after touching it by hand. Don't worry about this. From china acrylic manufacturer advices, Drop a small amount of detergent in the clean water, and then wipe the acrylic display stand with a soft cloth to wipe off the fingerprints.

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