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Skills for Reducing Losses During the Processing of Acrylic Products

During the processing of acrylic products, there will be losses due to various problems, and some losses can be avoided. Below, Mucky will introduce to you the "secrets" that can reduce bad losses if you know these during the processing.

(1) Acrylic must be cleaned when bonding. If there is dust or impurities, air bubbles will be generated during bonding.

(2) Before the acrylic glue is completely dry after bonding, do not directly irradiate it in the sun. If it is irradiated for a long time, the bonding surface will turn yellow, which will affect the overall aesthetics of the acrylic product, so be sure to wait for the glue to dry before use, can be placed for outdoor use.

(3) Do not tear off the protective film where there is no need for bonding, because the glue is highly corrosive when acrylic products are bonded. If it drips on the surface, it will leave traces that are difficult to remove, so be sure to protect the places that do not need bonding.

(4) After the acrylic product is glued, do not directly contact the wind. If it is quickly dried with a blower, it will dry quickly, but the edge will be white due to rapid evaporation.

(5) Pay attention to the amount of glue when gluing acrylic. If the small amount is not hit, it will produce bubbles, and if it is too much, glue will overflow, so the glue must be appropriate.

(6) The general acrylic sheet will deform at a temperature of about 80°, so pay attention to this characteristic of acrylic in the environment where it is used.

(7) The acrylic surface should be protected during the processing of acrylic products, because the hardness of the acrylic surface is only equivalent to that of aluminum, and the acrylic surface should be prevented from being scratched during the production process.

(8) In summer or the acrylic processing workshop with very dryness is prone to generate static electricity and absorb dust. It should be wiped with a soft cloth when cleaning.

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