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Acrylic, the New Favorite Material in the Furniture Industry

The space to be designed has a strong visual effect when it is finally presented. In addition to relying on professional design techniques, it also depends on the innovation and application of some materials to enhance the visual impression and bring surprises to the space. Take acrylic, the "guest" who has been in the space recently, as an example. This kind of plastic material with crystal texture, glass-like shape, rich colors and changeable styles has once become the darling of designers. Next, Muckey acrylic furniture suppliers will talk to you about the material of acrylic and why it is favored.

Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, is a polymer material with good plasticity. Although its appearance is as bright and transparent as glass, its performance is not as fragile as glass. On the contrary, acrylic is durable, easy to process, and not fragile. In Mukey acrylic furniture suppliers, It can be mixed with various colors to release radiant visual effects, and can also be made into decorations and furniture of different shapes according to different needs. Moreover, modern acrylic furniture also has a certain degree of flame resistance and stability. The material of acrylic wholesale products is light and light, and the density is half that of glass. When used in the home, it can give the space a certain sense of lightness and agility, and it will not be heavy when used a lot.

Ⅰ. Reasons for the popularity of acrylic furniture

1. Wide range of applications

Due to the superior material performance of acrylic itself, in addition to being used for various interior decorations, it can also be used to create a partial appearance of a building, or to make doors and windows on vehicles.

2. Beautiful and fashionable

For different home styles, modern acrylic furniture or decorations can find their own home and blend well. Moreover, the texture presented by its material is as rich and varied as its own. There are mirror panels, pearl panels, frosted panels, etc., and the spatial effects presented by each texture have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the process of integrating into the space, randomly choosing a texture of furniture or decorations is enough to create a focal point for the space, making the whole space look beautiful and fashionable.

3. Durable and drop resistant

Although it is plexiglass, it is also a kind of hard plastic. The furniture and decorations made will not be bumped or broken as easily as ordinary glass, and are durable. It is a good choice for residents who pay attention to practicality. Material.

Ⅱ. The application example of acrylic furniture

1. Acrylic vase

From the simplest point of view, as one of the indispensable soft decorations in home life, the existence of vases brings a lot of fun and fun to space and life to a certain extent. And after looking at the stereotyped glass vases and ceramic vases, acrylic furniture vases make people feel novel in terms of color, material, and shape. For example, the acrylic color-blocking vase with geometric shapes has a simple design and rich colors without being monotonous. It is more like a work of art than a vase.

2. Acrylic dining chair

Most of the space design will combine the dining room and the kitchen to save family space, and in the selection of dining room furniture, it is also small and light. For transparent acrylic furniture dining chairs, it is a pure and transparent color, ergonomic design, and a touch of luster. Together with the dining table, it is transparent and bright, which can reduce the visual heaviness and bring a touch of freshness to the space.

3. Acrylic coffee table

As one of the fixed accessories in the living room, the coffee table can add visual points to the living room if it is selected well, but if it is not selected properly, it will be a representative of tasteless. When you don't know how to choose lucite tables for sale, you might as well try adding a color-matched acrylic coffee table to the living room. The geometric shape design, the tabletop and table corners are made of mixed-color acrylic, spliced together, the light of the rainbow flows, and it can make the living room beautiful in an instant.

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