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Four Tips Make Your Acrylic Display Stands More Exquisite

1. The design of acrylic display stands

Good products always need to be designed. Of course, in addition to the exquisite appearance, what is more important is that a display stand with a functional design that matches the product is an acrylic stands wholesale that meets the needs.

2. Material selection of acrylic display stands

The selection of materials after the design is finalized is very important. The acrylic plate with high light transmittance and good quality is selected to make the acrylic display stands crystal clear, and will not turn yellow after long-term use.

3. The production process of acrylic display stands

Different acrylic wholesale products require different production processes. Strictly controlling every detail in the production process is responsible for the product. The current acrylic products are basically mechanized production. The application of some new equipment greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers while improving the production efficiency, but it also requires manual supervision of its accuracy and quality. This is related to the product effect of the acrylic display stand, especially the bonding, which requires experienced bonding personnel to complete. This is also the basic guarantee for the crystal clear acrylic display stand.

4. Picture processing of acrylic display stands

The slogan and LOGO that match the product are printed on the acrylic display stand by silk printing or UV printing to achieve a better publicity effect.

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