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How to process can make acrylic display rack more exquisite?

How to make acrylic display stand beautiful and transparent is not easy to yellow, we follow the following four points to ensure that the technology of acrylic display stand, to ensure that the advantages of acrylic display stand light weight, weather resistance, impact resistance, easy to form can be fully reflected.

Acrylic display shelves commonly used is a baked display shelves

No bubbles, no dust, no hanging marks, no orange peel. Paint surface should be flat, glossy, bright, etc. It is used for some high-end goods display to set off the noble and gorgeous goods. In addition, in shopping malls and other large display platform, in addition to display shelves, but also used a large number of display cabinets, the middle way and back cabinets on the frequent use of acrylic display shelves, such as acrylic magazine display rack and newspaper display rack. Is now the most commonly used acrylic wholesale products

The specific production requirements of acrylic display shelves

(1) when pasting, pay attention to clean, do not bring in dust, and do not spill glue, so as not to affect the glass display effect.

(2) The glass is divided into transparent glass and ultra-transparent glass. It is recommended to use ultra-clear glass, but the price of ultra-clear glass is more than twice that of clear glass.

(3) Pay attention to tempered glass. Do not knock the corners of the glass. Once you knock the corner of the glass, the glass is easy to break.

(4) The glass requires tempered and ground edges, and short cabinets require rounded corners to avoid children bumping.

(5) glass framing, glass framing is very delicate. Generally use glass glue (silicone) and shadowless glue.

The technology of acrylic display shelves

(1) First of all, the selection of materials. The choice of imported materials, good quality for acrylic pen rack and makeup display rack. Purity of 20% higher, 15% higher transparency, 10 years without discoloration and yellowing.

(2) Second, the mold production. Acrylic panels require vacuum positioning and vacuum pressing. Even the same word, different sizes need different molds, the mold itself requires high precision and good quality. Because the precision and quality of the mold itself is directly related to the quality of the plexiglass products, mold manufacturing technology level is high, requiring experienced technical staff.

(3) Third, the post-production. As mentioned earlier, the production of acrylic display shelves is basically mechanized, the application of some new equipment has not only improved production efficiency, but also greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers. After the basic molding of acrylic plastic materials, to go through several processes such as milling, engraving, grinding. Finally, the acrylic display frame laying light source, baking after the completion of the acrylic display frame.

(4) The fourth is the picture processing. According to the different needs of customers, the screen is transferred directly to the acrylic display stand through screen printing, and then vacuum blister molding. Screen with people, animals or commodity images, can be blister molding to create a three-dimensional effect, so as to obtain a better publicity effect.

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