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Is an Acrylic Fish Tank Better for Keeping Fish, or a Glass Fish Tank?

A good fish container can keep you happy every day. If you want to keep fish well, the importance of container selection has already accounted for a full one-third. It is very important to choose a suitable fish container. Usually, we usually look at some goldfish koi from above, and we can directly choose opaque and opaque fish-raising containers, such as tile basins and stone basins, which are very suitable. However, there are many high-value fish that need to be admired from the side, which is why there are transparent fish tanks. Choose acrylic products manufacturer with Mlacryl.

Under normal circumstances, most of the fish tanks we use are glass fish tanks, which look beautiful and atmospheric. But there is an equally transparent fish container, which was also born - the acrylic fish tank. Acrylic fish tank is actually a kind of plexiglass, and it also has high transparency. What is the difference between a glass fish tank and an acrylic fish tank? In fact, the difference between the containers of these two materials is still very big.

1. The difference between acrylic fish tank and glass fish tank

The material of the acrylic fish tank is really very light. It is like holding a plastic plate in your hand. It is not heavy at all, and the sound is heavy when you tap it, and it is not as crisp as a glass fish tank. The glass fish tank is very heavy. An eighty-sized tank cannot be moved without two people to carry it together. Even if it is moved, it is easy to break accidentally. There is a big difference in weight between these two materials.

The plasticity of acrylic fish tank is relatively high. Under normal circumstances, there are many traditional hot bending tanks on the market that are made of acrylic. Ordinary glass needs to be heated for a long time if it wants to bend, and it is very easy to fail, and it will be scrapped if you are not careful. Acrylic sheet is much softer than glass, and its plasticity is a hundred times stronger. The price of acrylic fish tank is relatively cheap. Glass fish tanks are harder, more resistant to tossing, and more resistant to aging.

2. Choose the right acrylic fish tank and glass fish tank according to your needs

If it is a large acrylic fish tank for landscaping, it should be made into a grass tank. It is recommended to use a glass fish tank to be more resistant to tossing. It is inevitable that there will be bumps and bumps when making landscaping. And this also makes some preparations for your later fish tank care. Because in the final analysis, the quality of the glass fish tank is still relatively good, and the service life is relatively long. It is not necessary to change the tank every one or two years, which will be very troublesome. The glass fish tank is better to solve this problem.

And if you just keep some fighting fish, some small fish of national fighting or big fighting, it is more suitable to prepare a small acrylic fish tank. The transparency of the acrylic tank is relatively high, and the condition of the betta fish raised alone is also relatively good. If a fish in very good condition is kept in a container with a very good viewing effect, will its appearance double? And fish like fighting fish have strong reproductive ability and like to fight. The price of acrylic tanks is very cheap , you can arrange a small single room for each fish, with a partition in the middle, which is very suitable.

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